Apple Achin’ State

We gotta welcome the newest member a the Bubba Ray Brigade, Milestone “Smiley” O’Reilly who has yet to meet Sports Model Dupree.  Now we know fer the first game, Sports Model will have her Inflate-N-Date braisserie up to maximum PSI and Smiley’s custom made carpet might jest blow off if’n it ain’t locked down tight with Super Glue.

Skeeter Doorock ain’t never had no real date with a girl afore and he is bringin’ this here gal he met at a Valdoster flea market named Tara Phyde.  She was sellin’ Fly Traps and recycled motor oil and it wuz love at first sight.  The entire Brigade will be a showin’ up and will be a plannin’ to travel to that there Nutter Dang to whup up on them Irisher Fellers purdy soon.  They ain’t got no idea where Nutter Dang is so what could possibly go wrong?

Tailgaitin’ will include 12 cases a Jimmy Beam, 24 cases a Pabst Blue Ribbon, three whole smoked hogs, 20 fried chickens, 50 pounds a ‘tater salad, 32 buckets a fried okra, 35 pounds a ‘possum dip, 18 ‘nana cream pies, 20 water melons, and 15 dozen smoked deviled eggs.

So all us Bubba Ray followers have been waitin’ a long time to whup somebody.  Might as well start with the Apple Achin’ State fellers.  Are ya’ ready?


They live in them Mountains
and they’re called Mountaineers
They’re after them Dawgs
but them Dawgs have no fears
Them Dawgs plan to Hunker
and they shore wanna fight
as they march to Hotlanta
they will bark and will bite
In year two of Kirby
Dawgs control  the whole East
They are big and so strong
they have more than one Beast
Eason learned  purdy good
and did well in his schoolin’
and the whole Bulldawg team
is now growlin’ and droolin’
Dawgs have started a march
ya’ might call it a Quest
At the end a the season
Dawgs will no doubt be Best
Dawgs will score on the ground
and will score in the air
At Mercedes Benz field
count on Dawgs to be there
Them Mountaineer fellers
will know where they been
Georgia Bulldawgs score 40
Apple Achin’ jest 10.




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