Well, one a Sports Model’s BFFs is a hair styler named Stella Vanilla who lives up in that there Knocksville even though she has to endure bein’ there as a loyal Bulldawg.  She wuz at the Wally Mart this mornin’ and reports that the entire Bawlin’ Tear coachin’ staff wuz standin’ in line puttin’ in a job application.  And Wally World wuz givin’ away cut up Orange Bawlin’ Tears sweat shirts fer dust busters. 

That danged varmit Lucius “Gater” Bates had a mullet fry and strawberry pie eatin’ contest after them Gaters won one and he called Bubba Ray yellin’ his usual “Gaters is gonna whup ya’!”  That feller is  so stupid he don’t know he is stupid and he don’t know that people hate what they fear the most.  That Jaxsunville trip can’t come soon enuff.

Bubba Ray is soon gonna head to a undisclosed retreat on the Gulf to eat shrimp and grouper, cook some ribs on the beach, sip on some Jimmy Beam and work on his plan fer whuppin’ them Irishers what is invadin’ Athens in a couple a weeks.  That will be the first test fer the 2019 Dawgs and they is gonna git a A++.  Now, let’s send them Arkansaw State Red Wolves home swearin’ they will never come back!



It’s Arkansaw State
and their wolves arrive growlin’
But them Bulldawgs don’t care
they’ll reduce ’em to howlin’
It’s a odd lookin’ wolf
that appears to be Red
it really don’t matter
when they’re in the Dawg shed
When Zeus takes the field
we’ll know why he’s named Zeus
when he carries the rock
he will shorely cut lose!
When Jake chunks the ball
it will fly and be spinnin’
as them Dawgs start agin
on a season a winnin’
It’s now Dooley Field
and that has to be fun
Red Wolves score 13
Red & Black 51!