Austern Pee

The whole danged Bubba Ray Brigade done took off fer a late pre-season vacation down to them Golden Isands and that Jekyll Beach.  Skeeter Doorock and Pecker Osburn didn’t make the trip ’cause they is  up in the Toccoa area tryin’ out fer lead roles in “Deliverance II”.  They look good appearance wise but neither one can read the script. The best  part a the beach trip was campin’ out and the fact that Sports Model Dupree done wore her new Red & Black polka dot string Bikini and we come to find that the polka dots is actually teensy tiny Bulldawgs.  She found quick that stilletoes  don’t do so good at the beach. Anyways, there was Naked SlipNSlide, cateloupe catapult, and watermelon tossin’.  Sam-So-Nite hit the surf and drug back a seven footer Hammerhead and them shark steaks wus real good over a driftwood and seaweed fire.  Come to find that Sheriff Ish Stan Bull got drift a the Brigade bein’ out to the beach and he and his Deputy Elrod “Itchey” E. Rupshun blocked off the bridge and surrounded their prey.  “Itchey”  unloaded his entire BB gun and the Brigade chunked back jumbo shrimp and pork ribs. It looked like the law wuz gettin’ the upper hand so the whole danged Brigade swam out to a sand bar and high-jacked a Fernandiner shrimp boat and they wuz last seen headin’ north toward Savanner and then on to Sanford Stadium.  Will Them Dawgs win it all?  Do they git the National Champeenship?  Will the Pabst Blue Ribbon stay cold?  Keep tunin’ in each week on the way to a Gater Whuppin’ and many more great games to come.

Kirby gits the best to sign
he wants to build a monster line
and now he greets the 5 star Zeus
who any day will be set loose
Them Dawgs first face poor Austern Pee
Dawgs Hunker Down for all to see
The SEC is duly warned
that Georgia Dawgs will  not be scorned
Them Dawgs will be led
once agin by Jake Fromm
And Dawgs everywhere will beat the Dawg Drum
Dawgs cut through the East like a warm day and butter
and all other teams can do nuthin’ but shutter
Bulldawgs prepare to create some chompin’
as each game becomes a Red & Black stompin’
ya’ feel kinda bad fer poor Austern Pee
they will only score 10, and Them Dawgs 53!