Well don’t seem them fancy new white uniforms did much good fer Mizzippi.  Their QB looked like he had done seen a ghost all night long.

Now this here gal named Skippy from Mizzippi wanted to test one a Sports Model’s “Inflate-N-Date” brasseries and Skeeter Doorock wuz more than happy to assist so he whipped out a bicycle pump and inflated that thang on up to 75 PSI.  It wuz way too much fer Skippy and she went airborne outta the parkin’ lot, over the bridge, over the Arch and downtown and landed on the hood of a 1976 Buick parked in the Indigo parkin’ lot.  Fortunately her bestest  Mizzippi friend, Cinder Awaye, wuz close by smokin’ a hog and helped nurse her back to consciousness so they could witness the whuppin’ with no TDs ‘tween them hedges.

Now it is Bawlin’ Tears week and Toole Shedd is happy as can be and has already exited his Tenn-Ah-Sea cave on the way to KnocksvilleThe rest a the Bubba Ray Brigade is buildin’ a pine log barge to tie up on the River by them fancy yacht fellers.



They got a hound dog
who they love to call Smokey
and their Rocky Top song
is way beyond hokey
Their color of Orange
defines what is ugly
but win, lose er tie
they approach football smugly
The Hail Mary last year
is far from forgotten
Dawgs still have the taste
like an Orange that is rotten
So git  ready Vols
git them cows off yer field
Them Bulldawgs is comin’
with a “D” that won’t yield
So paint them Orange squares
git ’em straight  as can be
Georgia Dawgs 38
Bawlin’ Tears 23.

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