Bawlin’ Tears

Did ya’ see them new hats them Bawlin’ Tears fans wuz wearin’ what said “TEN”?  Wuz Ten how many minutes it took them fans to start leavin’?  Who knows but  we may not see them hats in Athens.

The Bawlin’ Tears whuppin’ is Toole Shedd’s favorite game a the year and he and Phoole the Mule have done already left their mountain cave and are headin’ down to Athens.  The Brigade will have camp set up by Tuesday ready fer a whoppin’ whuppin’ on them Ugly Orange folks.  Dawgs ain’t fergot that miracle last second catch in Sanford Stadium and are gonna be ready, ready, ready.  Bubba Ray done heard from Lucius “Gater” Bates on Saturday nite who had come outta his Orange & Blue school bus in the strawberry patch and wuz yellin’ ’bout how Florider wuz gonna put a whuppin’ on us in Jaxsunville.  That poor boy needs to stop eatin’ raw mullet and drinkin’ guava wine.

Anyways, ain’t never no love lost ‘tween them Dawgs and the Bawlin’ Tears and this week ain’t no difference.  Gonna be some good ribs smokin’ and some Jimmy Beam sippin’ to welcome in a touch a fall weather.  Ain’t no place on Earth better on a football Saturday.

They got a new coach
it is Jeremy Pruitt
The evidence shows
that he shore cannot do it
Their Orange is so ugly
it jest leaves ya pukin’
When them Dawgs git the ball
they’ll be dancin’ and jukin’
Them Dawgs love their ribs
really sizzlin’ and greasy
With win number 4
it is still lookin’ easy
There ain’t nuthin’ worse
than to hear Rocky Top
Dawgs have really no choice
but to force ’em to stop
Their hound dog named Smokey
likes to howl at the moon
When them Dawgs Hunker Down
it will be over soon
Them poor Bawlin’ Tears
will be sobbin’ a plenty
Them Dawgs 52
Ugly Orange will score 20.