‘Course the Bawlin’ Tears game is the highlight a the year fer Toole Shedd who comes outta his cave and saddles up Phoole the Mule fer a great Tennersee whuppin’.  The Bubba Ray Brigade has done constructed a pine log barge so they can all float up the Tennersee River and take on that there Bawlin’ Tear Navy.  Now Eunice Wylene says she ain’t gittin’ on the barge unless Skeeter, Pecker and Figerin’ Perry will let her douse ’em with Boraxo and Lye and chunck ’em in the river.  Them boys git a little gamey this time a year afore the first frost.

Now Sports Model done run into a couple a Bawlin’ Tear gals what wanted to enhance theirselves with new Inflate-N-Date brasseries so Skeeter asked to pump ’em up and over did it up to 75PSI launchin’ Darlene all the way to the outskirts a Newland Stadium.  Her bestest friend, Cynder Awaye managed to deflate the damage and we expect they will be ready to git whupped by the Dawgs.  It ain’t likely Sports Model is gonna git a refund.

All them Orange checkers will be gone soon totally covered up by Red & Black.  And poor ol’ Smokey sent UGA a note askin’ if he could spend the game in UGA’s Dawghouse.

When the season began
Vols bragged and then boasted
But not so much now
’cause each game they been toasted
They love the Orange T
and they yell Go Volunteers!
But when them Dawgs bark
they’ll be called Bawlin’ Tears
They crank up the band
and git real Rocky Topped
It really don’t matter
since Swift cannot be stopped
Their dog is called Smokey
but he’s jest a sad hound
The Bulldawgs will score
in the air, on the ground
Them Dawgs will be growlin’
in the Ville they call Knocks
Tho the Bawlin’ Tears fight
Them Dawgs have more jocks
A long day is comin’
fer Ol’ Tennersee
Dawgs score 46
Bawlin’ Tears 23.