Okay here is the deal.  The entire Bubba Ray Brigade is stayin’  on Bubba Ray’s  acreage up in them piney and hickry woods fer a grand Thanksgivin’.  They are gonna smoke two 300 pound hawgs, two big bucks, six turkeys, and have ‘possum dressin’, okra fritters, fox jelly, deviled duck eggs, 400 pounds a sweet taters, and 3 cases a Snickers left over from Hallerween.  Throw in six cases a Jimmy Beam and three kegs a Pabst Blue Ribbon and the menu is set. Now Judy de la Snooty of Trek fame is plannin’ to have the gals a Imso Kreepy Tu sorority meet outside Sanford Stadium fer some Trek tailgaitin’ and Bubba Ray is gonna make sure that don’t happen.  Skeeter Doorock and Pecker Osburn is collectin’ a bunch a Yeller Jacket nests and are gonna toss ’em right into the IKT tent and see what happens.  Figerin’ Perry figers it ain’t gonna be purdy when them bugs start a flyin’ up all them khaki britches a them IKT gals all dressed up in their Georgia Trek colors with little bumble bees on their cheeks.  Lord have mercy but what counts is on the field when them Dawgs whup ’em once agin as ususal. Then it is time to head to Hotlanta to take on Bamer and Nick Satan.  Them Dawgs are hittin’ on all cylinders and no Dawg would trade Fields fer that TOOAH feller.  Them Dawgs will be ready in Mercedus Bents stadium to make that danged Tide roll away fer a very long time.

It’s jest a Big Bug
that they call Yeller Jacket
they sting and they buzz
but they jest cannot hack it
They got a old car
and they brag how it rambles
after Dawgs Hunker Down
their Wreck ends up in shambles
If ya’ luv yer Bulldawgs
and not Bees what make honey
Ya’ should bet on Jake Fromm
and ya’ll shorely make money
Ain’t nuthin’  more fun
than to squash a old Bee
Bumble Bugs 17
and Them Dawgs 43!