Bumblin’ Bugs

Well, them Dawgs whupped them Kitty Kats purdy good provin’ agin that the only good thangs comin’ outta  Canetuck  is hooch and KFC.

Favorite time a year to whup them dang Nerds and squash them wanna be Bees.  Judy Trudy de la Snooty is rentin’ a 60 foot yeller tent to bring all her I’m So Kreepy Tu sisters fer a reunion jest outside the Trek little stadium.  She has done hired some guards to keep the Bubba Ray Brigade away but it ain’t gonna work.  Nope the Brigade is already at Bubba Ray’s house in the piney and hickry woods jest a cookin’  fer Thanksgivin’ and tailgaitin’.   They dug a 40 foot cookin’ pit in the rocky ground and is smokin’ two 180 pound hawgs, 10 turkeys, and one 200 pound buck.  They is cookin’ four owl pies, ‘possum dressin’, okra fritters, and fox jelly,  plus six cases a Jimmy Beam and 12 cases a PBR.  Purdy dadgum good leftovers fer tailgaitin’ on that early kickoff Saturday.  It’s a good plan – invade the IKT Judy de la Snooty party, whupp them irritatin’ Bugs, then stay aroun’ Hotlanta  waitin’  to whup whoever they send to that new Mercedes Benz field.  Dang good plan,




It is jest a big Bug
that they call Yeller Jacket
they buzz and they sting
but they really can’t hack it
They got a old car
and they brag how it Rambles
after Dawgs Hunker Down
it will end up in shambles
If ya’ luv yer Bulldawgs
and not Bees what make honey
Bet on Nick Chubb
and you’ll shorely make money
Ain’t nuthin’ more fun
than to squash a old Bee
Bumble Bugs 21
and them Dawgs 43.



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