Well them Dawgs got the ball fer a quick score and looked real good.  Then it was down hill the rest a the way with that Big Number One Target on their backs.  Gus ended up goin’ to the Waffle House, Toomers ended up gettin’ seventeen million rolls a toilet paper, and them Auburn fans wuz as ugly and loud as ever.  So it wuz not the best day fer the Dawg Nation or the Bubba Ray Brigade.

“Ravishin” Roderick, the Rhode Island Red Rooster got attacked from behind by the head War Chicken and it wuz a classic  tussle but Roderick left the other bird lookin’ like a over cooked Christmas goose.  After the Dawg’s first score Vernon “GOFERTWO”  Derryberry kept screamin’ “Go Fer Two” and this here gal named Aubrey Auburn pulls out a big turkey drum stick from under her left breast and whacks the boy on the side a his head.  Well Eunice Wylene had finished off a half gallon a her purple liquid and wuz in no mood to be gracious so she pours some a the stuff on Aubrey’s bee hive hair do and it starts a smokin’.  So now it looks like somebody really is smokin’ and them security guards come rushin’  over and kicks the whole danged Brigade out while the Nachos wuz still hot and Sports Model Dupree ain’t even put on more Bulldawg Red lipstick.

It wuz jest not a good day.  But some good ones are on the way.



Them Chickens showed up
and they had the most muscle
Them Dawgs never growled
and did not show their hustle
Them Dawgs may seem down
but they are shorely not out
They still can win big
and deliver a rout
Dawgs know in a War
ya’ might lose a battle
but when ya’ git throwed
ya’ git back in the saddle
There’s much yet to win
and it’s there fer Dawg chompin’
Wildcats bring their claws
but they’ll leave with a stompin’
Them Dawgs learned a lesson
and are gonna be mean
Georgia Dawgs 34
Kitty Kats 17.

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