Ain’t much to say ‘cept them Dawgs will whup Canetuck purdy good and head on to Jaxsunville to whup the Lizards and git back on the road to Hotlanta.

Them ‘Cocks came to town
and they ripped up our Hedges
Them Dawgs’ rise is slowin’
but we’ll bet on their pledges
Them Dawgs may be down
but they shorely ain’t out
when Canetuck shows up next
they’ll be facin’ a rout
Them Gaters will chomp
and they’ll growl like they do
But them Bulldawgs will stomp
and will Hunker Down too
The Prize is still there
fer them Bulldawgs to take
Them Dawgs will not fail
there is too much at stake
but first it’s the Cats
and it’s time fer a skinnin’
Them¬† Dawgs know it’s time
to git back to some winnin’
Dawgs never liked Cats
and they simply don’t jive
Canetuck scores 14
and them Dawgs 45.