The Brigade could not git outta Death Valley fast enuff.  Ice and Tread Beulow and Figerin’ Perry headed to that Lake Pounce-on-a-Train fer some fishin’ and Pecker got in a tussle with some LSU fellers in roadside bar outside a Slidell, Loozieanner and ended up in jail with a feller what thought he was Dianna Ross.  Sports Model Dupree and “Touchdown” Rodney Love headed to Bourbon Street in the Pink Caddy and ever body else headed east toward south Georgia to sneak by Sheriff Ish Stan Bull and the Right Reverend Hal E. Looyer afore settin’ up camp by the St. Johns River at what will always be the Gater Bowl. Now this is Hallerween Time and that reminds Bubba Ray a the first time he ever had some hooch provided by his Granpappy Wish-Me-Die up in them hickory woods a nawth Georgia.  Yep Granpappy gave little Bubba Ray a Mason jar a fresh hooch and said “Dang that is good hooch and we are gonna whup them $#&#* GATERS!” and then ZZAPP!! a lightnin’ bolt hits ’em and vaporizes ’em leavin’ nuthin’ but steam and a vibratin’ Mason jar.  So Bubba Ray visits his apparition ever Hallerween to kinda commemerize that great event.  But this year, Bubba Ray has done called on Granpappy Wish-Me-Die a little bit early to git his perdiction on the show down by the river and plans to git that mullet mouthed, polecat breath, strawberry patch skin, guava jelly spine Lucius “GATER” Bates.

Dear Little Bubba no need to have fear

Yer Granpappy Wish-Me-Die is once agin here

Our Dawgs drowned in gumbo and got whupped in Death Valley

But don’t count ’em out

they are mad and will rally

Like always the Gaters are chompin’ and chompin’

but they might jest be ripe fer a good Bulldawg stompin’

they got a new coach who is named Coach Dan Mullen

He’ll return to the Swamp feelin’ real sad and sullen

it is Hallerween Time

and the Spooks will be scary

but  them Dawgs Hunker Down

with the Big Dawg named “Hairy”

Gaters is Orange and there’s plenty a Blue

they will score 27 and them Dawgs 42!