Hurry Murray

Seemed like the Vandy whuppin’ would never arrive and the whole danged Brigade kept busy all day waitin’ to git into that little stadium.  They done took up a whole row in a End Zone but managed to bring in several hundred wings but the Ranch dip didn’t work out so good.  Skeeter and Pecker and Figerin’ Perry figered out that they could bring in some PBR by duck tapin’ a row a cans down each leg and tellin’ the fellers at the Gate that the bulges in their britches wuz jest a bad case a the Gout.  It worked.

“Touchdown” Rodney Love wuz a big hit on Broadway where he debuted a new Country tear jerker called “Keep Yer ‘Tater Salad in the Shade”  and he got danged near four dollars in tips.  The biggest challenge wuz that Sam-So-Nite wanted to come into the game jest like a real person but they said no dogs or cats in bleachers.  So Charlene Bootsie put some a her latest pink lipstick on ’em and they bought a three doller Vandy T-shirt and said he wuz a new Vandy cheerleader and danged if’n that didn’t work too.

Well. it wuz great to see the Mighty Zeus git to carry the melon and he is gonna really cut loose this year.  Zeus is Loose!  So now them Dawgs face Murray what has a stadium even smaller than Vandy.  It’ll be the home opener so the pre-game eats is gonna be extra good and them Hedges is gonna be ready.



The Bulldawg is home
after whuppin’ poor Vandy
An SEC Win
is like chompin’ on candy
The upcomin’ game
is named after Murray
Dawgs put them away
we hope in a hurry
They call theirselves Racers
which might jest mean speed
But Dawgs slow ’em down
and do jest what they need
Them Racers show up
and will wave the team shield
Them Dawgs whup ’em bad
and will own Dooley Field
The Dawg’s on a tear
and we know where he’s goin’
It’s finally time
fer a Champeenship showin’
The Bulldawgs will bark
and it’s gonna be fun
The Racers score 10
Red & Black 61.