Kitty Cats

The Brigade wuz up afore dawn and split up to git behind SEC Nation and College Game Day which wuz full a Gaters.  SEC Nation has that purdy girl and Teebowe what is both Gaters and the other show has that Corsoo feller what always puts on the silly Gater hat.  But Bubba Ray and the entire Brigade knowed them Dawgs wuz gonna whup them cocky &^%$# Gaters and we all saw whut happened.

Lucius “GATER” Bates showed up in his Orange & Blue school bus from Lawtey, Florider and he parked over to the River and started chunkin’ guavas and live mullets at ever Bulldawg he could see.  Well by and by them Dawgs had done had enuff and toppled his school bus and invited Phoole the Mule over to drop kick that dadgum polecat breath varmit clear across the mighty St. Johns River southward toward that Saint Augustine.  We hear tell he landed right under that there Bridge a Lions and wuz last seen floatin’ toward Cape Canaverous.

Now them Blue Cats are standin’ in the way a the Dawgs takin’ their rightful place on top a the EAST.  So the Brigade broke camp afore midnight and headed nawth toward that there Canetuckee.  They gotta travel under the cover a night to sneak past Sheriff Ish Stan Bull in south Georgia but they will make it like they always do.  Gonna be some fur flyin’ up aroun’ Canetuckee but them Dawgs ain’t gonna be stopped now.  They is ready fer a fight and they is immune to Cat Scratch Fever.

Them Gaters came a chompin’
and were chosen by Lee Corso
They received a good ol’ stompin’
made so sweet, oh, even more so
They left clingin’ their Orange & Blue
and weepin’ Lizard tears
They don’t do well when Gaters lose
but they is gonna lose fer years!
Now Bulldawgs face a Big Blue Cat
who acts like he is tuff
When the Bulldawgs git off the bus
they’ll see who’s really ruff
So now the EAST comes down to this
Red & Black or maybe Blue?
The Kitties  will score 30
while them DAWGs score 42!