Well jest like expected that varmit Lucius “GATER” Bates wuz on his phone to Bubba Ray yellin’ “We whupped Loozieanner and Loozieanner is gonna whup ya’ and then them Gaters is gonna whup ya’ even worse in Jaxsunville!!”  To say the Bubba Ray is fired up is the understatement a the century.  They is already in a caravan to Loozieanner although Bubba Ray ain’t totally sure where that there Battin’ Rooge really is.   He’s gonna tie Skeeter Doorock to the hood a the Red & Black pickup jest like a deer and he will start a whiffin’  and sniffin’out swamp land and the smell a crawdaddy fish. Eunice Wylene has done already rented a big ol’ U-Haul to pack all the pre-game fixin’s and she plans to show them Loozieanner fans how to really cook and tailgate.  Sports Model Dupree has a new Loozieanner special outfit all planned out and Pecker Osburn has 450 pounds a peaches to chunk in case there is trouble. It is now that time a year to launch the Annual “Send Bubba Ray to Jaxsunville” fundraiser and them donations isalready pourin’ in totallin’ almost $15 dollers already.  But first them Dawgs have to dispose a them spooky Voodoo Loozieanner felines what can always be a little bit scary.  But ya’ know what?  They can stick their little pins  in them Voodoo dolls all day long and them Dawgs don’t give a ding dang.  They are comin’ to whup them Tigers and send ’em back into the Loozieanner swamp.  That Voodoo is gonna turn into Boo Hoo!

They live in Loozieanner
which is full a swamps and moss
When them Dawgs decide to Hunker Down
LSU will see who’s Boss
They love crawfish and gumbo
and they love that Bourbon Street
Our Dawgs are Large and Jumbo
Poor Tigers will git beat
Are they Cajuns or are they Creole?
It’s kind a hard to tell
It ain’t no good to lose at home
in fact it feels like hell
They have parades and toss their beads
and cook with lots a spice
But Battin’ Rooge will soon find out
that Bulldawgs ain’t so nice
Loozieanner will be loud
and their sparkles will be purdy
Them Felines will score 21
and them Dawgs will put up 30!