And jest like that them Dawgs squashed the Bugs and headed fer Hotlanta.

Them Dawgs squashed the Bugs
with no need fer a trick
Now they’re comin’ to win
and whup up on Coach Nick
Dawgs shore ain’t fergot
that last minute score
so they got a new shot
to make the Tide awful sore
So bring on  that Tide
and that feller named TUA
it’s the end of the ride
when Dawgs sing Hallelooyah!
We’re ’bout  sick a Nick
the way he’s so pompous
He’ll find out real soon
that he shorely can’t stomp us
Them Bulldawgs are hot
ya’ might claim they are sizzlin’
The Tide will not Roll
it will barely be drizzlin’
Them Dawgs take the Win
this is gonna be Heaven
Georgia Dawgs 41
and Low Tide 37!