Meddlin’ Tennersee

Well, so much fer them ‘Cocks we been hearin’ ’bout all summer.  Kirby slowed thangs down in the fourth else them Dawgs woulda put 60 on ’em.  And ain’t the Gater Whuppin’ in Jaxsunville gonna be fun?

“Ravishin'” Roderick wuz ready fer that ‘Cocky bird feller and he whupped ’em up side a his chicken  beak so there ain’t gonna be no cluckin’ er crowin’ fer a very long time.  And Vernon “GOFERTWO” Derryberry kept a yellin’ “GOFERTWO” until Eunice Wylene had enuff and poured some a that purple stuff she wuz sippin’ on his head what give the boy 2nd degree burns.  Somehow his jock itch got better so maybe that wuz a good thang.  It wuz hot, hot, hot and Ice Beulow brung 1500 pounds ice on his flatbed what had new retreads thanks to Tread Beulow, and they cooled down the PBR fer all the Dawgs tailgatin’ ’round the Brigade.  All in all it wuz a huge “W” and now it looks like the game a the year may be Canetuck!  Can’t nobody find Lucius “GATER” Bates today.  Wonder why?

We know they come from Tennersee
from somewhere in the Middle
Them Dawgs will squash ’em purdy flat
like  pancakes on a griddle
The Cocky ‘Cocks fell purdy fast
They  are no longer ‘Cocky
The only thang they do is crow
they still are full a hockey
So now Them Dawgs face Raiders next
Their color is dark blue
They jest might score ’bout 13 points
while Them Dawgs score 52.