The clock ticked down in The Swamp and them Florider Gaters kissed the SEC East goodbye.  Lucius “Gater” Bates abandoned his Orange & Blue school bus and wandered aimlessly into the shore enuff swampy landscape around Lawtey and Melrose lookin’ fer a gopher hole to hide in whilst he nursed his shattered dreams of Atlanta.  Chomp!Chomp!Chomp!

Back up in that there Music City, the Bubba Ray Brigade got there on Thursday and set up camp on a grassy knoll and bye and bye some campus police come around tellin’ ’em they gotta leave.  Well Eunice Wylene  gives them boys a pile a ribs and some fried okra and a sip a her purple concoction and all of a sudden they say it is okay to stay!  Now on Friday night after Eunice Wylene and Charlene Bootsie have hit the purple stuff kinda hard, they sashay down to Broadway and go to that there Margaretville and ask the  pretty little singin’ gal if they can belt one out.  So Eunice and Charlotte team up fer a rendition of “Keep the Whiskey Flowin’ and Yer Lover Won’t be Goin'”.   

Pecker Osburn, Skeeter Doorock, and Figerin’ Perry figered they could commandere one a them Beer wagons and they jumped on one and hooked up Phoole the Mule to pull it so they wouldn’t have to do no peddlin’.   Worked real dang good and with “Touchdown” Rodney Love singin’ “Love Me Tender” they must a had 75 gals jumpin’ on board.  Now it is time to head home and whup some Tigers what have the ugliest uniforms on the planet.




That Nashville Navy
came out all fired up
but soon realized 
they weren’t facin’ no pup
They yelled Go Go Vandy!
but soon melted away
like some pink cotton candy
while Dawgs carried the day
Them Dawgs Hunkered Down
and sank their whole ship
One thang is fer shore
Bulldawg rankings won’t dip
So next comes Mizzoo
with a big toothless Cat
Them Dawgs whup ’em good
and then say Believe That!
So count on them Dawgs
to win Number Seven
It’s gonna be fun
ya’ might even say Heaven
Mizzoo will show up
and try to be mean
Georgia Dawgs 51
Poor Tigers 17.


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