Well, poor ol’ Aubern got whupped and it looks like a lot a toilet paper wuz saved after the game now delegated to its original purpose.  Gus missed his post-game Waffle House visit and had to settle fer a week old stale pack a powdered donuts at the Jippy Mart.  Fer the first time ever Gus wore a hat and not a visor and so that proved to be very, very bad luck slapped on ’em by them Loozieanner fellers what know ’bout that there VOODOO stuff.  Wear a visor next time Coach. So the Brigade heads to Mizzou and they ain’t quite sure where it is.  It ain’t got nuthin’ to do with the SEC so why is it even in the picture?  There will be several days a good huntin’ and fishin’  on the way and that means good tailgaitin’ if they can find the stadium.  Hear that Milestone “Smiley” O’Reilly has done rented a vacant old Hardee’s to hold one a his famous seminars and the title a this one is gonna be “Be Glad Ya’ Ain’t No Gater!”.  At least six people have done signed up so there is room to squeeze in a couple more.  Pecker Osburn heard the game wuz in Columbier so he has done headed back to South Caroliner.  Skeeter Doorock needs to straighten that boy out.   Now let’s whupp up some Tigers.

Them Dawgs head out west
to the plains a Mizzou
The Tigers might growl
but they’ll shore git whupped too!
Ya’ can’t trust a Tiger
he will scratch and he’ll bite
when he faces them Dawgs
he’ll be in fer a fight
Their  QB is good
His name is Drew Luck
He ain’t no Jake Fromm
who’s a much better jock
The Cat is a feline
and he rarely is nice
when them Dawgs Hunker Down
the poor Cats pay a price
The Tigers will hiss
and they know how to score
The Cat 27
and Them Dawgs 44!