Ever notice that teams what have “Fightin'” in their name like “Fightin'” Gaters er “Fightin'” Irishers tend to git whupped by Bulldawgs?

Well, now it is finally time to have a record breakin’ crowd to whup them Irishers at nite in Athens.  The whole danged Brigade jest kept on campin’ out and didn’t bother to return to the piney woods this week.  Skeeter can’t figer out how them Irishers is gonna come all across the big ocean from that place with no snakes, funny tastin’ whiskey, Saint Patty, shammerocks, Leppychans, Irisher ‘taters and cornerd beef and then play them Dawgs.  Bubba Ray in his wisdom tries to ‘splain that these Irishers ain’t from that island over near that Scottishland, they is from the same place where we whupped ’em a couple years ago.

To prove it, Bubba Ray took Skeeter,  Pecker, and Figerin’ Perry to a Irisher bar what they call a PUB over to Hotlanta and they ordered some a that Irisher whiskey what tastes like watered down mountain hooch.  Then some feller starts a singin’ “Danny Boy” and then starts a cryin’ and sobbin’.  Well the boys can’t figer it out since the fellers they knowed up in the piney woods named Danny ain’t worth no tears fer nuthin’.

Them Irishers fellers better bring a busload a priests with ‘im ’cause them Dawgs are tired a waitin’ fer some real competition.

They wear lots a green
and the helmets is gold
They can’t whup them Dawgs
when the whole truth be told
They love shammerocks
which is jest a green clover
When them Dawgs Hunker Down
it will quickly be over
Notty Dang likes to fight
and they shore love to boast
when they face them Bulldawgs
they will turn into toast
Them Bulldawgs will rush
and we’ll see lots a Pickens
them poor Irish boys
will git whupped like the Dickens
By the end a the nite
Dawgs are sick a the Green
Red & Black 38
Irishers score 17.