Well them Dawgs got the “W” they needed and are headed to that there Nutter Dang.  Trouble is don’t nobody in the Bubba Ray Brigade know where it is.  Bubba Ray says it is up near one a them Greater Lakes and had done drawed out a map that should work jest fine.

Eunice Wylene has done got herself a ride on the back a the Beulow boys flatbed and is makin’ a bedroom outta retreads and some plywood.  She has six gallons of her purple stuff fer sippin’ and should be ready fer kick-off.  Skeeter and Bubba Ray done called Lucius “Gater” Bates to find out ’bout  his Gaters but Lucius won’t answer.

Phoole the Mule and Toole Shedd done already left fer their cross country trek and will be sleepin’ under the stars and eatin’ off the land.  “Touchdown” Rodney Love convinced Sports Model Dupree to ride with him in his pink Caddy and most a the rest a the Brigade is kinda on their own.  

Milestone “Smiley” O’Reilly has done booked a speakin’ gig jest outside a South Bend at a Bingo parlor on the motivational topic “Tap Dance Yerself to Bein’ Regular.”  And Pecker Osburn and Figerin’ Perry figer they can hitch hike somehow.  Time to whup some Lepperchans.


The Little Green Elf
has a pot full a gold
He’s stickin’ his chest out
and has been somewhat bold
They had a great coach
and his first name wuz Knute
but now we got Kirby
and don’t give a hoot
Their famous Saint
is named after Patrick
but when Dawgs Hunker Down
they’ll need more than a hat trick
Them Irish is lucky
Dawgs will shorely admit
But when Dawgs start to growl
they’ll need all they can git
Folks hear that in Ireland
they ain’t got no snakes
When they face them Bulldawgs
they cannot make mistakes
They love four leaf clovers
and they call them all Shamrocks
Watch Sony and Chubb
Turn their “D” into ham hocks
They are famous fer fightin’
and more so fer drinkin’
when they scheduled them Dawgs
what the hell were they thinkin’?
Them Irish love whiskey
and their beer can be green
Georgia Dawgs 31
Little Elves 17






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