Sam Ford

Well, it turns out Bubba Ray done drawed a bogus map fer Eunice Wylene and she and the Beulow boys ended up in a WalMart Super Store parkin’ lot in Pocahontas, Arkansaw ’bout a hour afore kickoff.  So they got some WalMart chicken strips, some Vienner sausage and six cases a Pabst Blue Ribbon and watched the game back in the TV section on a 52 inch display model.  Eunice is gonna kill Bubba Ray sometime this week so we will see how that turns out.

“Touchdown” Rodney Love wuz gettin’ ready fer his rendition a “Love Me Tender” when this here Irisher feller named Evliss Paisley chucked some tomaters on Rodney’s purple sequined jump suit.  So Sports Model Dupree takes off her stilletoes and shoves the heel a her Red one into the fellers right ear and the heel a her Black one into the left ear whilst “Ravishin'” Roderick the Rhode Island Red Rooster pounces on the green clad Elf and rips his britches off.  The feller high tailed it into a sea a Red & Black and wuz last heard yellin’ somethin’ ’bout a rainbow.

So now we got a feller named Sam Ford comin’ fer a good ol’ Bulldawg whuppin’.





Them Catholics are sobbin’
includin’ the Pope
Them Elves find themselves
at the end a their rope
We did not need Herschel
though he never grows old
And them poor little Elves
lost their big pot of Gold
Them Dawgs showed up early
in the city that is windy
Now winnin’ each week
has become kinda trendy
So who is Sam Ford?
He shore bit off plenty
Georgia Dawgs 43
Sam Ford will score 20.


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