It wuz right chilly but a perfect night to whup some War Chickens.  The Awbern Walmarts had a sale on toilet paper to reduce their overstock since there wasn’t no toilet paper rollin’ at no Toomer’s this week.

Eunice Wylene and Charlene Bootsie out done their selves cookin’ pregame eats and decided to make a few bucks so they put out some signs “Fer Only a Doller Ya’ Git More Than a Swaller” and “If Ya’ Got Pregame Jitters, Try Some a Our Fritters.”  Skeeter Doorock and Pecker Osburn cooked a 380 pound buck and had enuff to share with some UGA kids what had never had no deer meat afore.

Once in the game, all wuz goin’ real good until the Dawgs scored that last TD and Vernon “GOFERTWO” Derryberry started yellin’ “GOFERTWO!! GOFERTWO” and some gal named Awbern Edith whips out this gallon jug a Awbern ‘possum wine and smashes over Vernon’s head and soakin’  Figerin’ Perry.  So Ravishin’ Roderick, The Rhode Island Red Rooster flies straight up and dive bombs Awbern Edith’s Orange & Blue Wig and drops it right on top a that so called War Chicken.  Thangs went downhill purdy fast but the biggest concern wuz the sightin’ of a big Tech Treker tent what wuz already bein’ put up fer Judy Trudy de la Snooty and her snooty wooty Treker friends fer the upcomin’ Treker game.  That is gonna be the pie a la mode a the season to whup up on them Trekers……

The War Chicken crashed
and them Dawgs left ’em fryin’
on the way home to Awbern
them poor Tigers wuz cryin’
So sorry Coach Gus
It’s another defeat
and although you  might cuss
Ya’ still got a Hot Seat
Next them Dawgs take UMass
“Minutemen” is the name
When them Dawgs take the field
the result is the same
Them Dawgs rule the East
they are growin’ much stronger
they know how to win
their streak stretches longer
them Dawgs are on fire
they’re on Top once agin
Red & Black 52
Minutemen score jest 10.