Vandy Candy

It wuz a perfect day and one a them times when ya’ got two home whuppins in a row so the Bubba Ray Brigade don’t have to break camp.  In fact, this gives Charlene Bootsie, Eunice Wylene and the yungens a chance to do some high level shoppin’  at that big Flea Market and catch up on the latest fashions.

Thangs wuz goin’ purdy good as the entire Brigade took their seats in the Upper Deck with Vernon “GOFERTWO” Derryberry all perched and ready to start yellin’.  Problem wuz there arrived a group a Tennersee folks led by a big ol’ gal with a three day beard named Tennersee Tillie and her shirtless Orange overall wearin’ husband, Hilly Billy.  Well, they somehow managed to git a big Orange cooler into the stadium full a Frostie Orange drink so they could mix it with Tennersee Vodka if ya’ can imagine that.  Hilly Billy kept a pullin’ a big flask out from Tillie’s cleavage and spilled some vodka on  Skeeter Doorock’s caramel corn.  Well Skeeter chunked his vodka soaked caramel corn on Hilly Billy and fists, ribs, chicken wings and Pabst Blue Ribbon started flyin’.

The Brigade appeared to win the scuffle ‘cept for Pecker Osburn who got throwed over the top a the Upper Deck and fortunately landed on top a his head.

After the game, Sam-So-Nite wuz seen chasin’ poor ol’ whupped Smokey toward the safety a the Bawlin’ Tears bus.

Now it’s time to take the Tennersee state champeenship next go ’round.



They live in a Ville

that is named after Nash

they love country music

jest like Waylon and Cash

They call theirselves ‘Dores

and they look like the Navy

Them Dawgs will go thru ’em

jest like biscuits and gravy

Them Dawgs cannot wait

to record Number Six

and it don’t really matter

if Dores try all their tricks

The Bulldawgs like bones

and they love to eat candy

it is gonna be sweet

to whup up on Vandy

if ya’ have a long day

ya’ might jest be a Dore

Vandy 16

them Dawgs 44!