Well, seems like them gray uniforms didn’t help much.  By the third quarter them Bawlin’ Tears were leavin’ faster than if it had been a Steve Spurrier tribute.  When them Dawgs scored their last TD, Vernon “GOFERTWO” Derryberry kept yellin’ “GOFERTWO” and this Bawlin’ Tears couple from Knocksville named Irene and Jubal picked the boy up and chunked him over the top wall and he bounced when he landed and ended up in the River.   Folks on them fancy boats commenced to tossin’ Oranges at the boy and when Skeeter Doorock sees it he unloads his ‘tater launcher and sinks two houseboats, one cabin cruiser, and six dingys.   Pecker Osburn tried to start a fight in the stands, but them Orange fellers wuz too busy fightin’ among theirselves.

Bubba Ray has collected over eleven dollars in the “Send Bubba to Jaxsunville” drive so it is lookin’ good.  Gotta first take care a some fellers from Tenn-Ah-Sea who think they is in the Navy.






Them Daws got revenge
say goodbye to Butch Jones
Them Bawlin’ Tears crashed
with Dawgs pickin’ their bones
When ya’ wear ugly gray
ya’ got nowhere to run
If ya’ like Rocky Top
it’s jest no longer fun
It’s Commerdore time
They act like the Navy
Them Bulldawgs will chomp
like they’re biscuits and gravy
Vandy puts up a fight
but them Bulldawgs will win
Georgia scores 37
Navy fellers jest 10.


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