Well dadgummit the whole danged Bubba Ray Brigade has jest returned from that Daytoner Beach and they is tanned and rested and ready to go fer a National Champeenship!  They have done left the beach and are headin’ up toward Tennersee over that Monteagle rock on up to Nashville to drink some beer on them beer wagons and take over Broadway and that Margerittter Ville bar. Eumice Wyelene has done stitched a brand new “NC” Red & Black flag that will be planted afore ever danged whuppin’ this year especially afore, durin’ and after the “Sullen Mullen” whuppin’ in Jaxsunville.  Them Beulow Boys have loaded up the flatbed with 600 pounds a ice and Charlene Bootsie and the yungens is cookin’ pregame eats what include a 380 pound whole hawg, 32 fried chickens, 180 deviled quail eggs, 250 pounds a ‘tater salad, 14 buckets a turnip greens, 12 key lime pies, seventy gallons a Georgia peach ice cream, four kegs a PBR, and 16 cases a Jimmy Beam. And 15 cases a Milk Duds. “Touchdown” Rodney Love is appearin’ at the Grand Ol’ Opry to sing a Elvis Blue Hawaiyee medley and Milestone “Smiley” O’Reilly is booked fer a seminar on “Ya’ Ain’t Always Gotta Have Syrup”.  Sports Model Dupree is launcin’ a new braserrie line called the “Go Dawgs Special”  where when she flexes her left pectoral it plays “Glory, Glory to Ol’ Georgia”. Phoole the Mule figers he can clop down Broadway if he pulls one a them Nashville beer wagons and Pecker Osburn and Skeeter Doorock is jest hopin’ fer deer season fer the first home game in Athens.  Bubba Ray has done bought hisself and new pair a Red & Black brogans and is ready to style and profile at ever game.  Are ya’ Ready??

The Bulldawg is Ready

to Hunker and Bite

 He’s headin’ to Nashville

fer a Saturday Nite fight

We all know that Nashville

is a town knowed fer singin’

Them poor Commerdores

will find out what Fromm’s bringin’

Dawgs unleash the ZEUS

we’ll see lightenin’ bolts strike

The End Zone will sizzle

which is what Bulldawgs like

We know country songs

include sobbin’ and cryin’

Sayin’ Vandy’s in trouble

is shorely not lyin’

Let’s kick off this trip

to a Natty Champeen

This bunch a Bulldawgs

is the best ever seen!

So coach ’em up Kirby

ya’ gotta be Smart

A sunk Commerdore

is only a start

Hello SEC and Goodbye Commerdore

Victim Vandy 13 and Them Dawgs 44!!