UPDATES:   Lucius “Gater” Bates what got drop kicked by Phoole the Mule after the Florider slaughter finally hit the water in the St. Johns River jest south a Welaka and wuz attacked by three Manatees, two Florider crocodiles and a entire flock a pink flamingoes.  Ain’t gonna hear from that varmit any time soon.

Them Gaters have done narrowed down their search fer a new coach and the short list includes Larry, the Dr. Pepper vender, Vince McMahon, Lee Corso, and a guy named Eddie who works in a Walmart paint department.

UT coach Butch Jones after a one game winnin’ streak actually appeared on the Butch Jones Show on Sunday and said “football team” 84 times so fans would not mistake it for synchronized swimmin’.

The Ohio State feller, Oscar Meyer, who got sick and abandoned Florider is sick again and may step down.  The mysterious disease raises its nasty head ever time Oscar gits his butt kicked.  Fortunately, it ain’t infectious.

“Ravishin'” Roderick, the Rhode Island Red Rooster jumped on the Caroliner Gamecock and shaved all his feathers off him afore the poor bird high tailed it back to Columbier.  Now he’s gittin’ ready to take on that there War Chicken while them Auburn fellers decide on what name they is gonna call theirselves.








Them High Flyin’ Dawgs
plan a party fer GUS
He’ll meet Dawgs and greet Dawgs
beggin’ “stay on the Bus”
He loves Waffle House
and that tasty good waffle
After playin’ them Dawgs
it will shorely be awful
War Eagle or Tigers?
It changes each day
But one thang don’t change
Georgia Dawgs come to play
Kerryon will be stuffed
it will baffle Coach Gus
Them Dawgs shut him down
and will not make a fuss
Them poor Auburn fellers
have been kept in a bubble
War Chickens will crash
when they see Bulldawg trouble
When the clock runs its course
They will fail at this caper
and after the game
we’ll see no toilet paper
They love their War Eagle
but it’s jest a old Hen
Georgia Dawgs 27
What’s their name 10!


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