War Chickens

Ain’t still nary a sight a Lucius “Gater” Bates after the Bubba Ray Brigade done shoved his Orange & Blue school bus into the ragin’ St. Johns River.  Since that there river runs north, the bus wuz expected to float on up to that Ferdinandiner and maybe on up to St. Simens like a old barge.  Maybe it’s become a shrimpin’ boat or maybe a Orange & Blue reef.  Anyway, ya’ can’t find a Gater anywhere.  They disappear faster than a pimple on Sports Model’s pretty cheeks.

We won’t be hearin’ no more from Big Blue until they whup ever body in basketball but congrats to them fer a very good season.  Now Them Dawgs gotta face more dadgum Orange and Blue.  This is that team from Bamer what ain’t never sure what their name is and not ever sure what their mascot is.  And they cover a corner in Awbern with toilet paper when they win one.  Problem this week is that the only use fer their toilet paper is gonna be to dry their tears and you know what else.

All the Athens Waffle Houses is on alert that Gus is on the way and will be hopin’ fer some waffles.  The only wafflin’  is gonna be how much the Dawgs is gonna whup ’em by.  Ravishin’ Roderick, the Rhode Island Red Rooster is waitin’ on that War Chicken…

DAWGS Hunkered on Down

and whupped up on Canetucky

They planned on a fight

with no need to be lucky

Now the Dawgs face more Orange

and of course some more Blue

They call theirselves Tigers

and they’re War Chickens too

When them War Chickens cluck

we’ll see feathers a flyin’

The Big Dawg will bark

and a Win is not lyin’

Them Chickens is tuff

and their Coach is still Gus

they will fight and will bite

and will create quite a fuss

But Dawgs will show up

and will act kind a mean

Red & Black 37 Orange & Blue 17!