So as soon as the big game down in Florider in The Swamp wuz over, Lucius “Gater” Bates commences to smokin’ some mullet and fryin’ conch fritters and calls Bubba Ray and yells “Them Tennersea fellers whupped ya’ last year on a miracle catch and we done it to ’em this year.  Them Gaters is gonna git ya’, Them Gaters is gonna git ya’!”  Well  Bubba Ray told that polecat breath, ‘possum skinned, strawberry eyed, webtoed, rattlesnake spined, guava suckin’ Orange & Blue varmit that he better show up in Jaxsunville!  And Bubba Ray has done already collected over three dollars to the “Send Bubba Ray to Jaxsunville Drive.”  But first thangs first.

Them Mizzippi Maroon color dogs look kinda scrappy after whuppin’ Loozieanner purdy good. Could be trouble ‘tween them hedges and they done already started arrivin’ in Athens in a couple a mile long mule trains that Phoole the Mule finds disgustin’.  Ain’t nuthin’  to do but fer the REAL Dawgs to whup ’em and send ’em high tailin’ fer good.  Now if Eunice Wylene will jest stop chunkin’ lead at Bubba Ray…..




They say they got Bulldogs
but they spell it all wrong
Don’t matter to them
with their sad loser song
They named their dog “Bully”
but he ain’t very mean
Our Dawgs whup ’em fully
Chubb’s the best that they’ve seen
They are ready to fight
sez their head coach Dan Mullen
when it’s all said and done
they will shorely be sullen
They  pump theirselves up
and clank the dang cow bell
When the clock ticks on down
They’ll know that they seen Hell
Them Real Dawgs is ready
to whup Maroon State
Georgia Dawgs 37
Wrong Dogs 28.


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